Friday, February 17, 2012

Small Status Update

No major progress codewise the last few days, I've been looking through the last 3 tutorials in the DX11 SDK, and they basically take you up to the point to where you can apply textures. But after that all information provided in the SDK is samples using DXUT. I'm probably going to post a dedicated tutorial that takes you to the same level of functionality, but in one tutorial expanded step by step, with suitable points to compile and test your code. This will hopefully spare you the generation of colored vertices and other stuff you will most probably not be using in a game(you'll want textured triangles).

Also I've been working on a very short tutorial on linear algebra, it will take you to matrix multiplication. Hopefully it will be fairly understandable without being TLDR, so that you can understand what's happening even if you haven't gotten to university level maths yet.

I've been looking for other game development resources, and I find that OpenGL and Direct3D both changed their architecture a few years ago, and the way triangles are rendered and shaded has changed. It makes the learning curve slightly steeper, but from what I can gather very good improvements. This change however makes it fairly hard to find tutorials that are relevant and up to date. Actually, I was using NeHe's tutorials almost 10 years ago when I was making a game for a project in high school with a friend, but the changes make it fairly difficult to adapt to newer versions of OpenGL. I've found various other resources as well, and I'll keep a list managed on the tutorials page once I've finished with the linear algebra tutorial.

The change in architecture will probably also make it very hard to implement several different versions of DX and OpenGL in the same engine, but we'll see as time go if it seems possible. In any event it will first be based solely on DX11 anyway. I'll make a managed about page that lists the intended and implemented functionalities.
On a related note I've decided to add Collada as the main intended model format.

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