Monday, February 13, 2012


Welcome to the AWESOME 3D Game Engine Project Blog!

Here I will document my progress on making a game engine, and not just any game engine, It will have to be awesome.
Now, while the goal is to strive for perfection, the ultimate goal is to learn. I have only little experience with game programming, on top of that, it's been almost 10 years since I programmed anything serious at all. So I will learn as I go and report what I find here, and maybe throw in some tutorials. You'll be with me from the start.

Why not use any of the already available open game engines?
First of all, more than wanting to make a game/games, I want to understand how it all works, and what better way than to try and make it yourself? of course, I won't try to reinvent all wheels, so I will start of from OpenGL and DirectX, and the essential parts of a game engine one by one.

So, what kind of engine is it I'm trying to make?
Ultimately, the idea is that the AWESOME 3D Game Engine shall support all graphical features of an advanced 3D game, such as Crysis 2, Skyrim etc. It will be versetile, and not focused on FPS, RTS etc. but work for any kind of 3D game, and environment. This may sound insane, but even if I fail, I will at least have learned something ;)

Future Features include:
OpenGL and Direct X9/10/11 support
Advanced Shaders
Normal Mapped Textures
Adaptive Tesselation Support
Physics and collision detection, probably middleware, PhysX or ODE etc.
Keyboard and mouse Input
Sound Output
Large Scene Graph Support

So laugh all you want, but here I go! :P

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