This is a one man project to develop a 3D game engine based on openGL and DirectX. The goal is to include support for everything up to adaptive tesselation.
The project will use both open and proprietary sources/middleware, but the game engine in it self will be as Open as I can make it.

However, while the goal is to create a working game engine, the main purpose is to learn how it all works.

Currently only windows

Intended Funcionalites:
    OpenGL 3.3+ and Direct X11 API support
    Advanced Shaders
    Large Scene Graph Support
    COLLADA format model file import
    Normal Mapped Textures
    Adaptive Tesselation Support
    Physics and collision detection, probably middleware, PhysX or ODE etc.
    Keyboard and mouse Input
    Sound Output

Implemented Functionalities/Status:
    Alpha stage
    Based on the DX11 API
    Rudimentary "shading"
    Colored polygon rendering
    Simple scene graph
    Solid object animation

Progress Screenshots:

The first triangles
Rotating triangles and transformations
Simple Scene Graph

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